Reader: Tea Party is “Grossly Racist”

by Ron Lowe

Let’s cut to the chase about the Tea Party. Do you want to spend another year listening to their hypocrisy and tomfoolery? Could it be that Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, the Tea Party, and Republicans, are getting away with their lies because their base and many Americans are simply dumber than they are?

Half of the U.S. population seems incapable of acquiring, processing and understanding current events. This is for that half who are still in the dark about the Tea Party.

Sarah Palin and the Tea Party didn’t arrive on the scene until after our first president of color was elected. The Tea Party is 99% white, only the KKK and John Birch Society are whiter. Does this fit the profile for a multiracial America? The Tea Party is grossly racist.

The Tea Party is composed of former remnants of the anti-abortion, anti-gay and anti-immigration movements. Notice how you haven’t seen or heard much about these groups since the Tea Party came into existence?

Tea Party principles – what principles? – all I’ve heard are empty words and constant attack of President Obama by Tea Party purists. “Guns, God and Government” is the current Tea Party slogan. Most Tea Partiers only know about the 2nd Amendment as far as the Constitution goes. You get a blank stare if you ask about the Bill of Rights and most of the Tea Party wear God on their sleeves.

What about Tea Party leaders and supporters? Can you name any prominent figures, other than Sarah Palin, Rand Paul, Michelle Bachmann, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity?

The gig is up for the Tea Party as more and more Americans see its true colors.  Φ

Ron Lowe is reader from Santa Monica, CA. You can contact him at

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