Israeli Palestinian Conflict 101

fo1Find answers to many frequently asked questions about the Israeli/Palestinian conflict from Jewish Voice for Peace. The questions are:

  • What exactly is “the occupation”?
  • Didn’t Ehud Barak offer the Palestinians almost everything they wanted at Camp David in 2000? Didn’t the Palestinians respond to that offer by launching this much more violent Intifada?
  • Don’t we have to support Israel because it is surrounded by countries that want to destroy it?
  • Isn’t Israel the only democracy in the Middle East, surrounded by dictatorships?
  • But didn’t Arab countries kick a million Jews out of their countries after the 1948 war?
  • I see people compare Israeli law to Apartheid, what’s the truth?
  • I only hear about Palestinian terrorist or nationalist groups. Where is the Palestinian “voice for peace”?
  • I also see people talk about Zionism being racism. But it’s also a liberation movement. I’m confused and uncomfortable.
  • But I have heard that the Palestinians and other Arabs sided with the Nazis in World War II.
  • I’ve heard that the Palestinians left Israel on their own or under order from Arab leaders in 1948. Is this so?
  • I keep hearing about the Palestinian Right of Return. What is this about?
  • Haven’t Jews and Aracitybikes3402bs been fighting for thousands of years? Is there really an answer?
  • How can I get involved?

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