Walkers, Coastal Contacts Needed for Climate Crisis Walk

NWNet1A group of dedicated people is organizing a 35-day walk from Coos Bay to Portland, via Astoria — a total of 350 miles at an average pace of ten miles a day. Walkers and organizers will meet with local residents along the route to talk about the threat of rising sea level due to global warming.

This will be one of over 1,000 events around the world planned for October 24. These events are being organized by 350.org, an organization founded a year ago by Bill McKibben, author of End of Nature and Fight Global Warming Now.

Here in Oregon, the walk is being headed by Phil Carver, philip.carver@comcast.net, a former state energy economist and former Oregon PeaceWorks Board co-chair and Carol Reece, creece@aol.com, a current Board member. Co-sponsored by Oregon PeaceWorks.

The Oregon 350 Climate Crisis Walk needs your help.Emerald 3.5x4.625tall.ai

Get Involved

Here is how you can get involved.

  1. Be a contact for one of the 38 cities and towns along the route. To view the itinerary of the walk, visit http://oregonpeaceworks.web.aplus.net/site/images/stories/PDFs/350_ccc_walk_itnerary.pdf
  2. Help set up town meetings to reach the 123,000 people in these cities and towns.
  3. Help keep the Walk’s blog up-to-date.
  4. Walk all or part of the route between September 20 and October 24.
  5. Help coordinate meals and places for walkers to sleep.
  6. Help contact newspapers and television. Φ

Photo courtesy of: www.walkagainstwarming.org

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