Letters to the Editor

LettersResist Tearing the Tops

Off Mountains to Mine Coal

We have people in jail, some being held on $1000 dollar bond each, plus we have other people in the trees. I am trying to raise money to keep the actions going.

We are on the front lines resisting mountain top removal, but it costs money to fight Big Coal, especially Massey. So we have a few simple requests:

  • We need money for action costs, bail/bond and food. Almost everyone here is a volunteer. We can stretch a dollar really far.
  • We need more bodies to continue to sustain our direct action campaign. Even if you can only come for a short time, you could take some of the load off some of those here. We especially need front line people who are arrestable, but help around the compound is also needed.
  • We need to get the word out.

You can go to www.climategroundzero.org to donate money, stay updated or get information. We must stop this travesty now, before we lose more mountains.Φ

–James McGuinness, West VA, 304.854.7372

[Longtime resister James (Guin) McGuinness is working with a group of nonviolent resisters to prevent Massey Coal from removing an entire mountain top in West Virginia to mine coal. — Ed.]

Recruiters: Replacing

Those They Have Killed

harlequin1Your informative September article, “Coming to a Mall Near You: High Tech Recruitment,” presents but one more example of Pentagon psyops against its own people. Military recruiters face the same dilemma as tobacco industry advertisers, who must recruit replacements for those they have killed. How better than to take impressionable and gullible children, already raised on violent games, and substitute such vague concepts as “enemy combatant” or “domestic terroris” for fictional foes.

We have become a sick country…Φ

–Dean P. Richmond, Waldport, OR

Obstructionists Ignore American

Health and Well-Being

Before everyone forgets the craziness of the town hall meetings, just who were/are the obnoxious people yelling at the speakers? This is not a grassroots movement or a groundswell of mom-and-pop America!

We’ve seen these angry and frustrated folks and their intimidating tactics before. The mostly white, conservative and close-minded crowd has been at the forefront of the anti-abortion protests for years, at countless anti-immigration rallies and pushing the anti-gay agenda.

Now, these same people and new converts have morphed into the anti-tax movement and tea party patriots attacking health care reform.

Leave it to the Republicans to exploit the current situation and put party politics before the health and well-being of millions of Americans. The GOP’s goal is obstruction – blocking all meaningful reform, and then running against a “do nothing” Congress in 2010.Φ

–Ron Lowe, Nevada City, CA

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