Imagine Eugene City of Peace

Hazen_David_WhatshapBy David Hazen

Imagine what it would mean to you personally if peace were the guiding principle for everyone around you.  Imagine meeting face-to-face with people who already focus on living peacefully. Would that be fun or what? Eugene City of Peace will demonstrate the joy, wonder, and power of community connection and cooperation.  Imagine the freedom to be different and be safe!

We can call it a “tribe,” a “movement,” or a “community,” the same principles apply for building a common story, a new definition and understanding of what’s valued.

A movement of people interested in defining, nurturing, and celebrating Eugene as City of Peace is growing rapidly, and as fellow citizens, we hope you will come and play a role in forwarding this process.  A new social norm of peace-building can become so commonplace and empowering that actions to manifest a more peaceful city will flow naturally.  This city is overflowing with energy and enthusiasm for peace, justice, and community-building.  We have the resources, we have the abilities among us, to do this.

For more information, visit Eugene City of Peace’s website. Φ

David Hazen is a lead organizer of Eugene City of Peace. You can reach him at 543.343.2109 or



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