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Companies Run DC

There really is some good coming out of all the hot air blowing in Washington these days.

It shows clearly what forces are really in charge. Is it “we, the people”? Or is it the drug and insurance companies? It appears the latter.

Considering all the benefits to business and industry that a complete national health care system would bring — something all industrialized nations in the world already have — isn’t it strange that Congress seems totally against any such move? After all, all it would cost would be for the health insurance gamblers to get out of the health business.

I think our government (the best “democracy” money can buy) represents the interests of the 1% who own more of our wealth than the bottom 95% of our citizens. Apparently the whole financial network of banking, insurance and industry is so intertwined that the 1% cannot even stand to see a small portion of their exorbitant profits sacrificed for the benefit of all. And it’s called “democracy!”

There can be no solution to the debacle of health care, home foreclosures, (one every seven seconds) continuous war, climate crisis, and all of the incredible waste that is built into the system until some semblance of real democracy can be established. President Obama may mean well, but he is up against the most powerful forces in the world. Who will run our country, we, or the one percent?  Φ

–Ed Hemmingson, Albany, OR

Schrader Responds re: AfghanistanKurt Schrader

Thank you for contacting me regarding the current situation in Afghanistan. I appreciate your thoughts and concerns regarding this issue.

One of the greatest honors I have as a member of Congress is representing our brave men and women when they serve overseas. The highest form of public service is defending one’s country. Congress has an obligation to ensure that our soldiers receive the highest form of representation both abroad and when they come home. Their safety is paramount.

I support President Obama’s plan to increase our diplomatic and development aid to Afghanistan. Indeed, the recently passed Department of Defense supplemental bill (HR 2346) included five realistic performance measures by which Congress can evaluate the political, economic, and military progress in Afghanistan before committing new funds. I strongly believe we must withdraw our troops from Afghanistan as soon as possible. I have become an original co-sponsor of HR 2404, which would require the Secretary of Defense to submit to Congress by the end of 2009 a report that would outline the exit strategy for United States military forces in Afghanistan. Any redeployment must allow our armed servicemen and women to return with honor and dignity and with the knowledge that they have served their country well. I know that our Oregon soldiers have sacrificed for their country and deserve universal support for their service.

Too many Iraq and Afghanistan veterans face continued hardship when they come home. I will work with congressional leaders and Secretary of Veterans Affairs General Eric Shinseki to make sure that our veterans have job opportunities, grants to continue their education, and a strong health care program. Congress has an obligation to these veterans as they return home.

Thank you again for contacting me and should you have any further questions or concerns, please contact my office by calling 202.225.5711 or 1.877.301.KURT. To keep updated on my activities, please sign up for my e-newsletter by visiting my website at www.schrader.house.gov. Φ

–Kurt Schrader, Member of Congress, Oregon’s 5th District

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