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Lack of Draft Leads to Apathy

I noticed the section on anti-war demonstrations not attracting people now like they did in the 60s and 70s.

Back then people were drafted and the pain of the war was spread through all America – both young people and their parents had a vested interest in ending the war.  If kids now faced the draft I am sure they would be more politically active and more interested in peace – as would their parents who remember Vietnam and how wasteful it turned out to be.  I am not advocating a return to the draft – both my children and step children would be eligible – but I do think it makes a huge difference.  Just my two cents worth. Φ

— Carla Mikkelson, Salem, OR.

Where Does the President Go?

I saw the President go to Dover;
climb the ramp of the cargo plane;
pictured him standing solemnly;
so many souls gone too soon.

But where does the President go
to feel the toes of an Afghan toddler,
bare feet in winter winds;
malnourished, red-headed,
recoiling from the advance of any army;
dodging bullets and bombs;
victory is weeping silently
on the edge of extinction.

Where does the President go to factor this in his decision? Φ

— Virginia Bailey, Portland, OR

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