First Robotic War Conference to Feature Sheehan & Roos

The first conference ever organized to challenge robotic warfare will be held here in Oregon, April 16 through April 19, near Boeing’s Insitu military drone factory in Hood River.

The conference, “Challenging Robotic Warfare and Social Control,” is being organized by the Columbia River Fellowship for Peace and the newly-formed national Alliance to Resist Robotic Warfare & Society (ARROWS). Panelists and featured speakers will include Cindy Sheehan, founder of Gold Star Families for Peace, and Joe Roos, co-founder and former publisher of Sojourners magazine.

Nonviolent Witness Action Planned

The conference will conclude Monday morning with a nonviolent witness at a nearby Insitu facility.

Boeing’s Insitu military drone aircraft, manufactured in the Columbia River Gorge, have been designed to work as the robotic “eyes” of a system that includes missile delivery vehicles, such as the larger Predator and Reaper drones. They are also being demonstrated for surveillance use by domestic police departments here in the U.S.

The conference will explore what development of robotic technology means for both modern warfare and civilian social control. Friday evening and Saturday will highlight educational presentations and discussions.

Sunday events will focus on organizing a Northwest and national campaign to challenge robotic warfare in 2010 and beyond. The conference will conclude Monday morning with the nonviolent witness at Insitu.

Endorsed By…

Conference endorsers at press time include Oregon PeaceWorks, Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility, Rural Organizing Project, Peace Action of Washington, Veterans for Justice, Squadron 13, Code Pink Portland, Greater Seattle Veterans for Peace (VFP 92), Vancouver for Peace, and Goldendale Citizens for Peace.

For more information on the “Challenging Robotic Warfare and Social Control” conference, April and how to register for it, please see, contact, or call 509.447.4250.  Φ

Photo courtesy of Cindy Sheehan.

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