Google Becomes a Utility

Google Energy is now fully authorized to buy and sell energy at market rates. Are you going to be able to buy power from Google? Not exactly, but…

Google is on a mission to be able to supply their offices and data centers with the highest quality and most affordable renewable energy they possibly can. By becoming a registered utility Google now has access to transmission lines, wholesale energy rates and energy brokerage capabilities.

Google Energy can now develop a wind or solar farm and be granted access to transmission lines as a utility, sell that energy to Google itself and control the rates of its data centers all completely regulated through the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

Why is this important?

Google Energy has just proven to all of American business that if you are big enough, consume enough energy and have the right technology, you can make financial sense of starting your own “utility.” Being in the business of developing your own “utility-type” company to develop renewable energy properties to sell energy back to your business entity is the first massive step to Distributed Renewable Energy Generation.

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