The War Supplemental Vote Was Not Even Close

by Joe Walsh

The vote was not even close and especially when you know that it took a 2/3 vote.  The reason for the 2/3 vote to pass, was it was a rule change.  We have been informed that all our delegation except that one republican voted against war funding, I want to jump for joy, but can’t — sorry.

We now have 102 Democrats and 12 Republicans who say no to the escalation in Afghanistan, you will hear the MSM and the “Cocktail Liberals” claim we should rejoice, we are moving in the right direction.  Maybe they are correct and those of us who think the game is rigged and we are no closer to peace than 10 years ago are wrong — I keep saying this; I want so much to be wrong.

We must stay in the streets, I know that seems weird coming from a guy who has resigned several times in the last few weeks, but we must keep trying.  It would seem to me now would be a good time to ask those who voted against more wars to step out and take the lead; be on the floor of the House and continue the fight to bring more and more reps over from the dark side.  They should feel safe that we will have their backs if they stand with us and lead.  Go on the Ed show on MSNBC and preach to the audience about why we must stop the madness.  Just the economics should do it, if people knew what it was costing them to continue these wars and occupations.  The military expansion must stop and we must start to close the 800-1000 bases we have around the world. Somehow we need to convince the Cocktail Liberals that more must be done by our representatives in Washington, they should send their “Thank You,” but ask for real leadership.

For me, the 12 Republicans who joined the 102 Democrats are of more interest; if that is a trend, we may someday see peace in the Middle East.  You can no longer be for peace in Iraq, Afghanistan and not understand what Israel and America are doing in Gaza and the West Bank.  This stuff is all related and must stop or we will destroy ourselves in the end.

So, for those who need to rejoice, do it, but keep working for real justice and peace; keep the bar high.  We do have people all around the world who are demanding justice and peace and that is part of our future.  I don’t know what will come in the next few years, but if we do nothing, the economics of the events will take over and the fall will be awful. I have children, granddaughters, young friends who will suffer from this madness.  So as I just said to one close friend, I do this so that I can sleep at night and when the end comes I want to say I tried my best…

With deep respect for you all, fight we will, but know that all who receive this are people I have a lot of respect for and will always be amazed how lucky I was to have met you and spend some time fighting for Justice and Peace.

The fight goes on…  Φ

Joe Walsh
Portland, OR.

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