Take Action to Oppose FBI Raids

by Peter Bergel

On October 1, The PeaceWorker ran an article on the frightening and unconscionable FBI raids on peace workers that happened in the Minneapolis area and elsewhere. Since then, some activists have refused to cooperate with a Grand Jury, thereby running the risk that they will be jailed.

The Grand Jury is on a fishing expedition to see if they can find some way to make terrorism charges stick against people who have simply been working to promote peace in several areas around the world. It is a serious violation of the constitutionally guaranteed civil liberties of these individuals and another giant step toward a  fascist state. This is how fascism grew in Nazi Germany, eventually resulting in the invidious depredations of the Hitler regime.

We must not allow this to happen in our country.

Blow is a link to flyer from the organizations affected. Please read it, copy it, circulate it, and take the actions it suggests.

Thank you. Φ

2010-10-13 FBI Raids Flyer

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