Egypt-Like Outrage in Wisconsin

By the American Rights at Work Action Team

Have you heard? 30,000 protesters flooded the Wisconsin state house, and a group of state senators have literally fled the state to fight against the worst union-busting state bill in recent memory.

Governor Scott Walker has proposed a draconian bill of cuts targeted at public workers who make our lives better every day. It’s a bill he says will fix the state’s budget shortfall – but here’s the catch: he himself helped feed that shortfall with a slew of corporate tax breaks in his first months in office!

In reality, the bill is an anti-union Trojan horse that would decimate the rights of thousands of Wisconsin workers to fight for better benefits and working conditions.

In order to stall Walker’s bill, Democratic state senators have walked out of the chamber. Without them, the Senate can’t vote. They’ve fled the state in an act of courage and conviction.

We need to show that millions of Americans are standing with the protesters and help draw the nation’s eyes to Madison today.

What’s happening is incredible, but the national media isn’t paying enough attention. You can help do the job that the media won’t to get the word out. Spread the word and stand up for Wisconsin’s workers by updating your Facebook status to:

“I’m standing with the teachers, nurses, social workers, and everyone battling Wisconsin’s terrible anti-worker bill. If you’re with me, please post this as your Facebook status.”

Click here to go to your Facebook profile and update your status. If you’re not on Facebook, please forward this message!

Corporate interest groups all over the country have their eyes on Wisconsin. Make no mistake – if Walker’s plan passes, we’ll see similar ones pop up in other states as well. Φ

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