Israel Attacks Under Cover of Egypt

By Pam Rasmussen Bailey

I am living right now in northern Gaza. Israeli F-16s struck early this morning (1 a.m. Feb. 9). These were the closest I have ever been and the blasts were so loud and close I felt them in my bones. The child who was killed lived just a couple of streets over. The revolt in Egypt is crucial, but the world must not forget Gaza.

Below is a report from a Gaza news team.

Under cover of darkness at 1 a.m., Gaza time, Israel launched 7 air strikes across the Gaza strip. At this stage, 1 child is reported dead, and 10 injured. Also hit was a warehouse containing medical supplies in the Jabaliya Camp in the northern part of the Gaza strip.

Just this week, Government officials reported a severe shortage of medical supplies, and due to the siege, they have no chance of re-stocking supplies. This attack will no doubt mean many people will go without life-saving treatment.

Israeli airstrikes also targeted buildings in the Kan Younis, Zaytoon and the Rafah city areas. Reports are coming in of direct hits on buildings, and several shops are on fire.

The airstrikes have caused widespread panic among the 1.5 million residents in the besieged strip, where half the population is under 18, and still carry the scars of the brutal attack on Gaza 2 years ago that left 1,400 dead, and 5,000 injured.

No doubt Israel is taking advantage of the current revolution in Egypt. While the eyes of the world are on Egypt, inflict more misery, death, and destruction on a population who have been under siege for over 4 years. Φ

Pam Bailey, peace activist, writer and social entrepreneur, is currently in Gaza. She has been trying to return home but the border is closed between Gaza and Egypt and she can’t get out. She sent this report on February 9, 2011.

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