ReVisioning Value 2011 Conference Set to Take Center Stage March 7th & 8th

By David Ball

Those who have followed Oregon PeaceWorks peace visioning will find this event to be a natural tie-in.

Often when proponents of social change are asked if they are succeeding, the answer is ambiguous.  Identifying a problem is easy…finding a tangible working solution becomes the trick.  Amy Pearl, executive director of Springboard Innovation, has been at the forefront of finding alternative ways to create, develop, and fund sustainable solutions to societal ills like poverty, hunger, and homelessness (to name just a few).  Included in her work has been the development of the ReVisioning Value conference — held this year at the Gerding Theater in NW Portland March 7-8 — which brings together a host of experts from diverse fields (civil engineering, economics, impact investing, sustainability) to create a unique two-day symposium focused on innovative techniques aimed at producing immediate results.

Helping to Solve the Impact Puzzle

The developers of ReVisioning Value have broken their conference down into 6 “Big Theme” sectors over the two days:

1)      Impact Investing — funding and investing models that promote financial and social returns

2)      Strategy — integrate new proven strategies that increase success and results

3)      Metrics — learn to integrate social and environmental measures into your organization

4)      Start Up — learn where to find needed talent, funding, and community support

5)      Innovation — learn how to create the conditions under which communities and citizens innovate

6)      Ecosystem — engage with new tools, policies, and frameworks that strengthen the larger ecosystem

According to the website, Springborad Innovation is bringing the critical sectors together, balancing audiences across the finance, leadership change, government, and business worlds.  Some of the scheduled speakers are Duke University professor, Henry Petroski, author of The Essential Engineer: Why Science Alone Will Not Solve Our Global Problems, Woody Tasch author of Inquiries Into The Nature Of Slow Money, Heather Fleming, founder and CEO of Catapult Designs — a company focused on developing human-centered products for improving quality of life…and many more.

Please visit the conference website at or to get a complete schedule of the two day event.  If you are interested in attending the conference, you can purchase your tickets at the website. (As an added incentive, PeaceWorker readers can get a 20% discount by entering the conference code Peace).  The Early Bird ticket cost of $192 (less 20%) is good through Sunday, February 13th and then ticket prices jump to $222 (less 20%) using the same promo code.  The event is being held at the Gerding Theater, 128 NW 11th Avenue, Portland, OR 97209.

So plan for an informative two-day session to see how we can actually implement change in our communities by developing fast-track solutions.Φ

David Ball is the newest member of the Oregon PeaceWorks office team

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