Actions You Can Take Toward a Nuclear Weapons Free World

By Campaign for a Nuclear Weapons Free World

In 2011 we will push the Obama administration and Congress to shift priorities in the nuclear weapons budget, including:



  1. Cutting funding for expensive, unnecessary nuclear bomb production plants.
  2. Preserving and increasing spending to dismantle warheads and secure nuclear material around the world.

Sample Alert: “Tell the Senate – Fund Programs to Secure Loose Nukes”

Courtesy of WAND

Additional talking points about the controversial “mixed oxide” (MOX) program, versus programs that secure nuclear material:

  • Suspend construction on the MOX plutonium fuel fabrication plant and its risky weapons plutonium processing activities.
  • The weapons plutonium processing activities of the mixed-oxide (MOX) plutonium fuel fabrication plant, however, do nothing to reduce security threats and, in fact, could well pose a grave risk to nonproliferation. Suspending construction on this plant would save hundreds of millions of dollars that could preserve full funding for the crucial GTRI and Nunn-Lugar Cooperative Threat Reduction programs.

Save Nonproliferation Funding

Nonproliferation Funding Talking Points [Word doc]

Courtesy of Fissile Materials Working Group

Letters to the Editor Guide: Preserving Nuclear Nonproliferation Funding [Word doc]

Courtesy of ReThink Media

Lobbying Materials

Asks for Senators: Nuclear Nonproliferation Funding – 3/8/2011 [PDF]

Courtesy of Peace Action West

Budget Analysis

FY 2012 Budget Request for the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA)

Analysis of DOE Budget, with emphasis on NNSA [PDF] – Courtesy of Institute for Policy Studies

Detailed Analysis with Budget Tables [PDF] – Courtesy of Nuclear Watch New Mexico

Sample Press Release [PDF] – Courtesy of Nuclear Watch New Mexico Φ

Source: Campaign for a Nuclear Weapons Free World

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