Green Sectors Top $2.4 Trillion at Midyear

By Ethical Markets Media

Ethical Markets Media (USA and Brazil) has released its August 2011 update of the Green Transition Scoreboard® which tracks private sector investments since 2007 in green companies and technologies globally. These investments now total more than $2.4 trillion.


Momentum Builds

The Green Transition Scoreboard® (GTS) counts non-government investments and commitments for all facets of green markets, starting in 2007 to the second quarter of 2011 – totaling $2,405,182,005,199 worldwide. The GTS anticipates investments and commitments of $1 trillion annually until 2020, a figure many studies indicate will accelerate the global Green Transition. Compared to the 2010 findings, global investors are slightly off the mark to reach $10 trillion by 2020, but are still building momentum. In an otherwise flat market, Corporate R&D and Cleantech M&A are driving much of the green economic growth.

“This updated total is noteworthy, as it comes in spite of economic uncertainty,” says Hazel Henderson, President of Ethical Markets Media (USA and Brazil) and creator of the GTS.

This is the first GTS report to include R&D under $100 million, according to Timothy Nash, lead researcher for the GTS. “Deals under $100 million, while barely moving a barometer tracking investments in trillions, are significant as they demonstrate how thousands of different companies believe in the economic soundness of greening industries,” says Nash. “These diverse companies are all investing in making systems and products more effective, using less energy and generating less pollution throughout the life-cycle.”

Help Make the GTS More Comprehensive

For its next annual GTS report, Ethical Markets Media is encouraging companies with R&D or any projects in the Green Transition which can demonstrate tangible investments or firm financial commitments to contact the research team. Ethical Markets will conduct outreach and vet green SMEs [small and medium enterprises] to add to their database and calculations and as the focus of the next GTS report.

“In a Wall Street versus Main Street discussion, the GTS shows how both types of investors increasingly are moving toward green technologies and processes,” says Rosalinda Sanquiche, Ethical Markets Media’s Executive Director and editor of the Green Transition Scoreboard® report.

The August 2011 update and the full report are available at Φ

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