Worst Congress. Ever.

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In the 34 years that an ongoing poll has asked Americans for their take on Congress, never in the three-decade span has that number dipped into the single digits. Never, at least, until now.

The results of the latest survey from CBS News and The New York Times confirm that Congress’ job approval rating is at an all-time low.x

The 99% Give Congress an Approval Rating of 9%

The two news outlets have been asking Americans for their opinion on Congress ever since 1977 when Jimmy Carter entered the White House. Though their take has waxed and waned throughout the course of American history, this year’s results mark the first time that Congress’ job approval rating actually dropped to lower than 10 percent. According to the latest poll, only 9 percent of Americans have faith in the current lawmakers on Capitol Hill.

Additionally — and expectedly — distrust is rampant across the board as one analyzes the latest figures, released in conjunction today from the two news organization. Not only is approval of Congress at its lowest ever, but fewer Americans than ever in the history of the survey say that they actually trust the government — 10 percent.

The results don’t stack up too well for President Barack Obama either, who earlier this month saw his disapproval rating at the highest since he entered office, according to Quinnipac University pollsters. Now only weeks later, the CBS / NYT poll says that the president’s highly touted jobs plan will fail, with the majority, 56 percent, saying that his American Jobs Act isn’t a “clear plan” to fix the unemployment epidemic. His overall approval rating, according to the latest poll, shows a slight but certainly miniscule surge in popularity for the commander-in-chief, with 46 percent of American’s approving of his job — but with 46 percent disapproving as well.

Occupy (Insert Your City Name Here) Gains Momentum

That’s okay, Barry, you’re not the only bad guy. The latest poll adds that 71 percent of those surveyed don’t think Republicans in Congress can fix the jobs problem either.

A good number of Americans, 46 percent, also say that the current Occupy Wall Street movement, gaining steam in its second month now, reflect the views of most Americans. Of those surveyed, however, 18 percent did not offer an opinion.

Results of the latest poll come after a week of questions conducted with 1,650 adults nationwide. Φ

Reprinted from RT.Com.  Originally published October 26, 2011

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