New Poll Suggests Climate Change Action Strategy

A report from ecoAmerica outlines how public opinion trends around climate change in the U.S. have moved from being a niche issue to the mainstream.

Why You Should Take a Look

The report highlights how support for action is on the rise across demographics and political affiliations as climate change becomes more visible.

Key Takeaways

  • A majority of Americans believe climate change is real and 54% believe the impacts are being felt currently.
  • The sense of urgency around climate change, while not back up to 2008 levels is increasing, with broad support across demographics.
  • While climate change is still a low priority overall for most respondents, the myth of environment vs the economy is losing traction.
  • Scientific evidence and melting glaciers are not compelling for action to most; however personal experiences with extreme weather and the moral obligation to future generations are most compelling.
  • While the partisan political divide is still strong, 69% of Republicans believe climate change is occurring, compared to 92% of Democrats and 85% of Independents.
  • There are high levels of support for action on climate change at all levels of government and through businesses.
  • 74% of Americans believe we should prepare for the damage of extreme weather events before they occur.
  • Americans want to act on climate change but feel they have little agency – they need to know their actions count and be inspired to be part of the solution.
  • Mainstream America is ready to be engaged on climate change preparedness – rural voters and people of color are most likely to take action and want to be engaged.

Click here to access the entire report.Φ

ecoAmerica starts with people to genuinely understand and address Americans’ core concerns and how they relate to climate and sustainability. We seek greater effectiveness in the way we engage with people, always with the goal of growing the base of support. Our vision is of a coalition of the whole. As Americans, we can join across our differences to solve the biggest problem that affects us all: climate change.

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