Gay Pride Group Honors Manning; Ousts Pro-Corporate and Pro-Military Leaders

By “Joey”

The message below was sent by Joey, a member of the San Francisco Pride Board. Please circulate and go on-line to add your comments and support on the sites listed. This victory comes as a result of months of insurrection in support of Manning inside the SF Pride movement, resulting in the ouster of most of the pro-corporate, pro-military Pride Board. The new SF Pride Board voted Feb 4 unanimously to recognize Chelsea Manning as an Honorary Grand Marshal, and also to ban military recruiters from Pride — victories for Chelsea Manning and for the whole anti-war movement! They are now under attack in the media as a result and deserve our support!

“The announcement that SF LGBT Pride has chosen to make Chelsea Manning an Honorary Grand Marshal of the Parade and Celebration this year is being attacked by commentators in online media sites. Please lend your voice of support for Chelsea and SF Pride’s decision. The pro military/prosecution people are well organized and we need to show the world there are many people who support Chelsea and what she did to expose US war crimes. She put her own freedom in harms way to expose the secrets and lies of the corporate military insanity.

“Here are just a few of the sites that have reported the story and the comments. You can find more by Google searching Chelsea Manning sf pride. Please pass this on to any groups or individuals who can help.”

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Military LGBT activists are “astounded” that San Francisco Pride organizers chose Chelsea Manning – a.k.a. Army Pvt. Bradley Manning – as honorary parade …

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Other grand marshals include Ross Mathews and Janet Mock.

Chelsea Manning Named Marshal Of Gay Pride Parade

The decision to make the convicted soldier an “honorary grand marshal” of the San Francisco gay pride celebration is causing a stir.Φ

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