Celebrate 2014’s Disarmament Success Stories

Posted by MinesActionCanada

The Campaign to Stop Killer Robots had a pretty good 2014 but many people view 2014 as a terrible year full of death, war and disease around the world. Fortunately, things are not as bleak as the news makes them look. The humanitarian disarmament world has seen a lot of successes this year and each of these successes is a win for humanity.  So let’s recap the good news stories of 2014 in the humanitarian disarmament world.

As we get started on 2015, it’s time to pick our favourite humanitarian disarmament success story of 2014. Click here to cast your vote.Φ

Mines Action Canada hosts the Canadian component of the new Campaign to Stop Killer Robots.  Mines Action Canada is a co-founder of the Campaign and is currently one of nine non-governmental organizations on the campaign’s Steering Committee.  The Campaign to Stop Killer Robots is an international campaign of non-governmental organizations calling for a comprehensive ban on the development, production, and use of fully autonomous weapons. These are future weapons that would be able to choose and fire on targets without any human intervention. Home page is found at http://stopkillerrobots.ca/.

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