A Naked Criminal Act of Military Aggression

By Rich Scheck

The Trump/May/Macron attack on Syria constituted a naked act of aggression in violation of the Nuremberg prohibitions making them prospective war criminals.

Where is the outrage asks Gerald Celente?

Where is the shame asks Paul Craig Roberts?http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/49293.htm

Sadly, the world has become conditioned to such transgressions and barely raises its collective voice to protest the use of force under the most suspicious of circumstances.

The UN was created to avoid the scourge of war and yet has proven inept in stopping them as we are poised for a global conflagration.  Flash points abound in Ukraine/Donbass; Pakistan/India; Greece/Turkey; trouble with North Korea and in the South China Sea;
and the unending mess in the Middle East that saw a major escalation 2 weeks ago following the dubious claim that Assad used gas on his own citizens.

Even if 100% true, President Trump had no legal authority to launch missiles against a sovereign nation that had not attacked America and posed no threat to us.  Doing so breached the UN Charter, the US Constitution and the Nuremberg proscription against wars of aggression.  The fact that he was joined in this endeavor by May and Macron only added to the level of venality.

Congress could barely muster the energy to warn Trump prior to his anticipated use of force.  Afterwards it merely slapped him on the wrist with a few disparaging words for the media expressing concern about what he did in concert with the French and Brits.  They then submitted feeble attempts at new AUMF bills that on closer inspection actually endorsed future misconduct.

No calls for impeachment issued from such leading antiwar Senators as Rand Paul and Bernie Sanders!  After decades of imperial excess by presidents of both parties, these legislators show minimal interest in preserving the constitutional integrity for their branch of the government.

A triumphant National Security State is what they accept even while kidding themselves that they oppose such abuses of executive power.  The disproportionality between what they say and do compared to the seriousness of the offense involved speaks volumes to the domination of the Military-Industrial Complex in our affairs.

With Israel in control of American foreign policy, Trump has abandoned his campaign promise to Put America First to the outrage of his political base including Roger Stone, Michael Savage, Pat Buchanan, Steve Pieczenk and Alex Jones.

It’s not as if we don’t have a wealth of evidence implicating our leaders in these war crimes.  We have known for over a decade from Gen. Wesley Clark of the Pentagon’s plans to take down 7 nation in 5 years: “The US will attack 7 countries in 5 years” (Video)

Similarly, the Project For A New American Century told us what would happen once a “new Pearl Harbor’ attack provided them with the pretext they needed to achieve Pax Americana.  After 9/11, they have been unwavering in relying on grandiose notions of American Exceptionalism and Global Manifest Destiny in quest of their goal of world hegemony. https://www.newstatesman.com/node/192545

The impotence of high level officials at the UN, as well as in Washington, London and Paris to constrain these rogue leaders is once again on full display. What is required now in the face of such dereliction of duty is a “Citizen’s Tribunal” to hold these individuals fully responsible.

There is much precedence for such an endeavor. Bertram Russell sponsored a war crimes tribunal regarding Viet Nam:

A few years ago there was a People’s Tribunal to deal with alleged Gulf War war crimes: https://www.iraqtribunal.org/

Prior to that, Alfred Webre and other concerned activists held a Truth and Reconciliation Tribunal that addressed war crimes associated with the 9/11 attack: 9/11=truth and reconciliation. http://exopolitics.blogs.com/911/

Perhaps the Democratic World Federalists will rise to the occasion and sponsor a similar inquiry in light of their strong commitment to the rule of law in the international arena.  Or maybe some other group will emerge as well.

Whatever form it takes, something far more serious than what has transpired by a fawning press and indulgent Congress is required under current circumstances.  Hopefully that can serve as an appeal to the conscience of these rogue leaders. As things now stand, there is little in the way to stop their march towards tyranny.Φ

Rich Scheck writes for State of the Nation. This article was published on April 26.

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