Announcing “No Honeymoon” for Biden

By RootsAction

The progressive activist group announced today the launch of “No Honeymoon” — a sustained campaign that will mobilize grassroots pressure on Joe Biden from across the country.

With an email list of 1.2 million supporters nationwide, RootsAction backed Bernie Sanders in the primaries before conducting its #VoteTrumpOut campaign that reached millions of mostly progressive voters in swing states during the summer and fall.

RootsAction said on Wednesday: “The ‘Vote Trump Out’ campaign always had a second part to it — ‘Then Challenge Biden.’ We are now fulfilling that commitment by organizing throughout the United States for a truly progressive agenda.”

The group’s website, unveiled on Wednesday, invites activists “to join with RootsAction to push back against the destructive forces of corporate power, racial injustice, extreme income inequality, environmental assault and the military-industrial complex.”

The No Honeymoon campaign’s demands of the Biden administration will include a $15 federal minimum wage, cancelation of student debt, a major rollback of mass incarceration, the Green New Deal and ending U.S. military intervention.

Commenting about the launch on Wednesday, RootsAction co-founder Jeff Cohen said: “One reason our Vote Trump Out campaign was so successful and persuasive with progressive voters, especially those not friendly toward Biden, was our pledge to continue the battle by challenging Team Biden to support policies that put the multiracial working class ahead of corporate greed and profiteering. No Honeymoon is how we’re honoring that pledge.”

Added RootsAction national director Norman Solomon: “We have no intention of going silent about progressive principles just because the president will be a Democrat. Far from the chatter of party power brokers and Biden insiders, the energized progressive base around the country is paying attention and cannot be mollified by smiles and symbolic gestures. We have a progressive agenda and we’re going to fight like hell for it, without delay.”

In support of the #NoHoneymoon launch, former Bernie Sanders 2020 campaign national co-chair Nina Turner speaks on a video, released today and posted on the No Honeymoon website.

In recent weeks, RootsAction helped lead the grassroots opposition to Michèle Flournoy for Secretary of Defense.

RootsAction is an online initiative dedicated to galvanizing people who are committed to economic fairness, equal rights for all, civil liberties, environmental protection — and defunding endless wars.

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