Coast to Coast Peace Walk Being Planned

Silence the Drums of War: Walk for peace from the Pacific Coast to Washington DC

Description of a Veterans For Peace National Project

National exposure for a pro-environment/people/labor, and anti-war, anti-corporate and anti-nuclear message:

  •       National exposure for anti-war, peace and justice organizations
  •       New connections for the anti-war movement
  •       New members for these organizations
  •       Solidarity with, and inclusion of anti-war veterans, students, communities, and other peace and justice/groups 
  •       A positive experience, walking our talk – literally
  •       Speakers and musicians giving talks and performing at towns and cities across America in coordination with the walk

We anticipate five months to effectively organize this project. This is now a VFP National Project but we are encouraging CODEPINK, UNAC, WBW, War Industry Resisters Network, War Resisters League, Popular Resistance, Roots Action, Quaker groups, and others to make this an anti-war, peace-walking collective and to take an active part. We see this as an opportunity to educate and inspire the public. 

The most important and effective PR we can do for this is getting our message in a form that regular folks will identify with, via press releases, brochures, t-shirts, possibly PPN newspapers, radio and TV interviews and small town newspaper coverage. The options for effective PR messaging are many. 

The goal of promoting VFP or any organization is secondary. That is why we welcome anyone or any left antiwar organization of good will to get on board. The primary and basic foundation organizing will be done by VFP. However, we want your input, involvement and suggestions. If we can all come together on this walk across the heart of America, we can do anything, maybe even begin to actually stop the war machine and find peace. 

Start Date: No later than January 15th, 2024 from the pier in Santa Monica, California
Finish: July 9, 2024 Washington DC at the NATO Summit

Crystal Zevon, Ellen Davidson, Denny Riley, Mike Tork and Tarak Kauff are the primary VFP coordinating team.

To learn more about Veterans for Peace, click here.

This announcement was sent to various pro-environment/people/labor, and anti-war, anti-corporate and anti-nuclear organizations on August 21, 2023.

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