If I Had a Trillion Dollars: Youth Video Contest Announced

by National Priorities Project

The money that is being spent on the U.S. wars in Iraq and Afghanistan will reach $1 trillion within the next five months. This money could be spent in our communities on many things that now face cuts, like after school programs, art and music programs, and summer jobs. You can spread the word. The American Friends Service Committee and National Priorities Project are sponsoring a youth video project to help young people (high school and college age) enter the cost-of-war discussion. Share your ideas about what you would do – for yourself, your family and your community – with $1 trillion.

If you are aged 13-23 (or work with young people), this is a chance to get involved by making a video with the theme “If I Had a Trillion Dollars…”

Videos should be short (1-3 minutes) and must be submitted by July 31, 2010.

You can download an Outreach Packet and Curriculum by going to:
IHTD Outreach Packet
IHTD Youth Federal Spending Curriculum

First Prize – $500 and a trip for 2 to Washington, DC to show your video to your home legislator.

Second and Third prizes
– Flip video cameras

For more information contact mzerkel@afsc.org, 312.427.2533.  Φ

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